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Pakistan experiences worst ever drought

The Cholistan desert, in the southern part of Punjab, in Pakistan, is experiencing the worst drought it has ever faced, with disastrous consequences. A huge lack of rainfall has put the population of 200,000 people at severe risk, as it has had a catastrophic impact on livestock and agriculture.

Scores of animals have died, which has had a devastating impact on livelihoods and food and could plunge vulnerable people into even deeper poverty. Many families have been forced to leave the region with their livestock, in hopes of having better access to water and rainfall.

A lack of rainfall has a terrible impact on the growth of plants, disturbing the production of food, and can result in increased hunger, starvation and eventually, famine.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is on the ground in Cholistan, providing cooked meals & family food packs to vulnerable families and delivering emergency aid. We have been delivering 6,000 Litre water tanks to help quench thirst and provide ease.

The people of Cholistan are in urgent need of support, as this drought could take away everything. .

Donate now to provide food, water and emergency aid to those in need.

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Will provide 60 cooked, warm and nutritious meals for vulnerable and impoverished people

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One month essentials which includes flour, rice, cooking oil, salt, tea, lentils, sugar, dates, chilli, powder milk and juices.

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Provides clean water for 200-250 beneficiaries affected by the drought.


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