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In countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Burma, many women are not given the right to an education; hence are unable to acquire any form of financial independence. Lack of financial independency is one of the biggest factors of domestic violence and abuse, human trafficking and poverty in these countries today.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust distributes sewing machines to vulnerable women and widows at risk of domestic abuse, human trafficking and poverty. It is an effort towards the empowerment of women and their entitlement to financial independence. Our aim is to help empower these women by providing them with a source of income in the form of sewing machines to enable them to liberally achieve their financial goals.

Many of these communities affirm certain cultural boundaries and social restrictions which do not enable women to venture out of their immediate environment. By distributing sewing machines, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust and its supporters are helping to provide them with the rightful opportunity to maintain a dignified living for themselves and their families - within the comfort and security of their own homes.

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