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  NEIGHBOURS FIRST homeless project in the UK  

 It is estimated that more than 274,000 people are facing homelessness in England alone, including 126,000 children. While homelessness is an all-year-round struggle, Winter is especially difficult for the people sleeping rough on the street, in unconventional buildings or unsuitable temporary accommodation.

When thinking about helping the vulnerable & needy, we sometimes forget the people that are closest to us and are equally deserving of our support & care.

This is why our Neighbours First initiative has been dedicated to providing food and aid to those living in poverty and the homeless community in the UK.
Alongside the sub-zero temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions, the homeless community are also at higher risk of Covid-19. Now, more than ever we need to come together to support those in need in the UK this winter.

 For £10 you could provide an essential hygiene kit to homeless person which would include liquid soap, wipes, sanitizer, tissues, toothpaste and a toothbrush. 
 A £20 donation will sponsor four hot & nutritious meals which will each include a warm, cooked dish, a water bottle, a piece of fruit & a cereal bar. 
 Our £300 winter relief packs will provide jackets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and shoes to those being forced to spend another winter out in the open. 

 What you can do to help make winter more bearable  

 At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust we deliver our food & aid through local booths that we set-up in key areas as well as through collaboration with local councils.

Your donations can help us this winter to distribute warm nutritious food, hygiene kits as well as winter relief packs including essential items which will protect vulnerable people from the effects of the winter weather.

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 Support a family in need in the UK  

Around the world, and in the UK too, the Coronavirus pandemic has left millions struggling. Lockdowns and instructions to stay home has caused long-term unemployment, isolation, and people unable to put food on their tables.

Our team in the UK have been delivering Covid-19 Family Support Packs to families who are struggling to afford enough food & basic necessities.

For £30 you could provide a family with a weekly Family Support Pack containing groceries & essential items. For £1560 you could support them for an entire year and ensure that they have one less thing to worry about.

 Caring for the Elderly 

 More and more elderly in the UK are suffering from social isolation and loneliness. It is estimated that around 2 million people above the age of 75 live alone in the UK. Older people who have recently suffered a bereavement, are in poor health or do not have close family living nearby are affected the most.

Brighten an old person’s day by donating £20 & and sponsoring a gift which our team would personally deliver.

 Bringing Joy to a sick Child 

The holiday season is especially difficult  for a sick child that is forced to stay in the hospital, while other children look forward to winter wonderland and holiday celebrations with their families at home.

 Help us bring a little bit of joy into the life of a sick child and those who are caring for him through our hospital gift distribution!

A donation of only £15 will provide a gift to a sick child in hospital & brighten up their day.  

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