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CORONAVIRUS aid in uk & abroad

The Coronavirus pandemic is having catastrophic effect in the UK & worldwide, claiming thousands of lives and leaving millions at huge risk.
The elderly and those with underlying health conditions in our communities are at greater risk. This pandemic will also bring major challenges for the poor and the homeless. This is why we are working with local organisation in the UK as well as international organisations to provide food, hygiene essentials & shelter to those who are struggling during this crisis.
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Coronavirus has spread to more than 150 countries and claimed more than 5,38M lives.

Global Coronavirus Emergency Aid

All the communities we work in around the globe are suffering from unimaginable horrors, such as war, abject poverty or famine. The spread of Coronavirus in these communities will be absolutely catastrophic.
For refugee communities, safety and hygiene precautions will be virtually impossible. They already struggle with having enough food to eat. However, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, these communities will suffer even more as supplies run short, food prices hike and movement is restricted.
Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust has launched an Emergency Coronavirus Appeal to support those who are suffering the most worldwide as a result of the outbreak. We will be distributing emergency food & hygiene packs to families living in remote, under-developed areas as these are the people who are currently unable to access any food or medicine! We will also be supporting families living in refugee camps and fleeing war and prosecution from places like Kashmir, Syria and Burma.

working on the ground in Pakistan 

Our team have been working extremely hard to provide those affected by the global Coronavirus Crisis with essential Food Packs & Cooked Meals to ease their hardship.

Due to the global lockdown daily wagers in many developing countries are not able to go to work and are struggling to provide for their families.

Join Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust and help hundreds of families in need.

working on the ground in burma

In just a few short months, the COVID -19 pandemic has a catastrophic effect, touching nearly every country and territory around the world.

The situation is terrible, but it could get decidedly worse, mainly if the disease infiltrates more of the worlds' most vulnerable populations and communities, infecting those with the most limited access to prevent and care.

It is only a matter of time before COVID -19 gains a foothold in refugee camps. A case has also been confirmed in the local population of cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, although not yet among the Rohingya refugees.

Rohingya refugees are at higher risk as clean water and soap are often in very short supply in shelters. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is distributing safety kits included sanitiser, face mask, gloves and medicine to prevent the spread of COVID - 19.

working on the ground in gaza

With confirmed cases of coronavirus infections in Palestine as of Monday, the Palestinian Authority is struggling to cope with the pandemic with its limited resources and the weak healthcare system.

Lockdown measures will have catastrophic effects on the lives of Palestinian while having a constant struggle for food each day. About 80 per cent of the residents already live under the poverty line, and the besieged government is barely able to provide them with essential food. This will push many people to ignore the restrictions on movement as they would have obliged to leave their homes to find any work so they could afford something for their children to eat.

With your support, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been working hard to deliver daily essentials on the doorstep of Palestinian while they remain under lockdown due to COVID - 19 outbreak.

working on the ground in syria

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10 Myths About The COVID-19 Vaccine That Are Not True (PDF)

We have a moral responsibility to make sure everybody gets the COVID-19 vaccine Download 91.50 KB - pdf

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